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Meguiarswheel brightener” works great on wheels that are well maintained (not years worth of grime and brake dust) its powerful enough to be effective, but safe when used as instructed and if you are taking car of a show car or pleasure vehicle, you can dilute this product down and make this gallon last even longer!


  • User friendly

  • Cost effective

  • Great results

  • Easy to find/buy

  • Pleasant fragrance


  • Really dirty wheels will require multiple applications

Order Meguiars “wheel brightener” Here

PDP “Fireball” is now my go to wheel cleaner and I’ll tell you why. In business, time=money. The more time I have to spend doing the same wheel two and three times, the less money I’m making because that’s more product used ($) and less cars I can do in a day.


You MUST dilute this product down per the instructions, this is NOT a suggestion like a lot of other product labels. If you use this product straight, you run a very serious risk of damaging your wheels finish. This stuff works extremely well but it is not for beginners. If this cleaner dries on the wheel finish it will leave a white residue which means the product has “burnt” the finish and will require polishing to fix, if you’re lucky.


  • Cleans the dirtiest wheels to near perfection on the first pass

  • PDP is made and sold in Ohio

  • Must be diluted so your gallon last longer than other wheel cleaners


  • Not for beginners

  • Slight chemical odor

  • If over spray gets on your skin, it will cause irritation (Be sure to use gloves and safety glasses at a minimum)

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