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When I was a kid, (long before the internet) the only products I had available to me were the ones I could buy at the auto parts stores or Walmart. I tried many different brands in those years and quickly found a few favorites. Now, my needs have changed, and so have the products and with the internet, you and I have access to an almost never ending list of products. So how do you find a good one without throwing away money on products that might not live up to their marketing hype?

Well, that’s why I decided to make a list of some of the products that I use in my detailing business and some of them that I have used in the past but perhaps don’t suit my needs as a pro. Rest assured, any product on this list WILL WORK for you. I will give some pros and cons and my opinion based on my usage of the products as well as an “Amazon” link so you can purchase them with ease.

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