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As a child, I woke up on Saturday mornings and watched all of the “car shows” on T.V. “Horsepower T.V” “Car and Driver” “Motor Trend” and all of the other ones who’s titles I can’t remember. At school, I would check out read all of the car magazines they had in the library, every month, every issue. It is safe to say I’ve had a love for cars long before I could drive them. I remember my grandpa would always give me a few dollars for washing his old work truck from about the time I was 8 years old, looking back it was probably a good thing it was only his work truck rather than one of his prized Ford Mustangs because I had a lot of learning to do. The Christmas before I turned 16, my grandma and grandpa got me one of those car care kits, you know, the ones with the soap, wheel cleaner, interior wipes and all of that. Back then I’d wash all of my families cars just for something to do, and every year, they would buy me another car care kit. That’s what got me started experimenting with different products, different brands and different techniques. Back then there was no internet, no “YouTube” so the knowledge available was very limited, I remember taking the seats and interior panels out of my car just so I could clean every square inch of carpet and plastic but I had no idea that people call that “detailing.” Fast forward to present day and the internet is ever-growing, the knowledge available is almost limitless and here I am running the ONLY mobile detailing company in the Zanesville area. I put that same passion into each one of my clients vehicles, I’m a dad, I know life gets messy and I know sometimes that mess can be overwhelming but with over 13 years of car care experience Fast Lane Car Care can make your life a lot easier.

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